So you want to know what 2pitch is all about?

Let us start off by letting you know that we’re not going to bore you with a bunch of fancy-schmancy, feel good copy here because we know your time is valuable. However, if you do want to waste some time (and possibly catch a laugh or two) we suggest checking out Ron Burgundy’s SportsCenter Audition.

Who We Are

We are a graphic design company fronted by Keven Lupien who calls upon the skills of his fellow designers and programmers when required. We offer a wide range of design services listed below and are focused on offering you creative solutions for your design needs.

Our Services

  • Web Design and Development

    XHTML, CSS, Flash
  • Print Design

    posters, brochures, postcards, business cards
  • Branding/Corporate Identity

    logo design, letterhead, business cards, envelopes
  • Illustration

    We can pretty much draw stuff.

If there’s something that’s not on our list of services it doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it so please feel free to ask us.

Art of Dying's Brand New Single

Art of Dying - Die Trying Single

Hot off the press and available on iTunes it's Art of Dying's new single "Die Trying". Go check out the package design on the print page.

Har's New Book

Harland & his book

Canadian comedian/actor Harland Williams has a new book out and we illustrated the cover. Check out The Things You Don't Know You Don't Know in our print portfolio or purchase it at Harland's web store.

A List of Lists

On our web travels we came across a lot of sites featuring 2pitch (often in a list fashion) so we thought we'd make a list of our own. Here are a few sites featuring yours truly.

  1. labs.depthskins.net
  2. designreviver.com
  3. csstea.com
  4. sixrevisions.com
  5. denisdesigns.com
  6. admixweb.com
  7. webmajstor.org
  8. cssleak.com
  9. ninjacrunch.com
  10. toxel.com